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Megan Millington

I totally agree with you. To see democracy alive and well, to have someone at the helm of our country who is a statesman? It has been a fearful few months as the mechanisms for leadership, checks and balances, kept our country alive. I feel proud to be an American again, even if, and especially if, the transition will be difficult. I am thankful for Joe Biden who kept himself composed and respectful, driven by the idea of unity.

I never followed politics until the previous administration came in. They did things I would never have imagined America would do. I know a lot of people were thrilled at the breaking norms we witnessed, but I believed at the time and still believe now, that we should never have had our government run by someone who had never served a day in public office. The highest public servant office in the land should go to someone who has served our country, has proved, even if I didn't agree with everything they wanted to do, that public service is in their blood.

I never imagined the things we saw happen COULD happen here. I am relieved, for the first time in years, to have our principles affirmed.

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