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D.Megan Millington

Oh man! You are absolutely right in so many ways.

I can't tell you how many times I held my sister as she cried her eyes out for "being fat." She was cruelly taunted at school so many times. I never had that experience, instead developing disordered eating habits that lead me to be very thin.

As an adult, I have waged my fair share of battles where I have been mindlessly, compulsively driven to eat-- and trying to stop, desperately trying to put that bag or carton away. My siblings have struggled with and lost their battles with these insane urges. I cannot speak for others' experiences, but the struggle is insane, and having face(d) it myself, not just watched my siblings profoundly struggle, I am appalled by the drive. Through a great deal of self debasement I have kept myself mostly fit my adult life, but I always have a calorie counter running in the back of my mind and I have never ever been happy with my appearance.

I say all of this because I believe that gluttony IS something that everybody can see. It is different than sitting alone in the dark drinking alcohol, for sure. Everyone can see the ice cream and cookies I am still lugging around on my hips, but it cannot shame me into not eating. I know better. But I am finding knowing isn't enough.

And my "fat" little sister? I look back at the pictures from my childhood and realize she would not even raise an eye brow now. I have conflicting feelings about that.

Obesity is a multifaceted problem that goes beyond personal choice. Manufacturers developing manipulative foods to trigger us to eat more, regulations, safety, food access, culture. The confluence is killing us.

I don't vote that we should all just throw our hands up and give in by any means, but I am not sure all responsibility for this nightmare should weigh solely on each man woman and child.

I hope the Lord makes up for some of this.

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