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D.Megan Millington

I am shaking my pom poms for you right now. What an awesome post!

I confess that I do not "buy American." Why not? Because almost everything is made over seas or over a border. It is the American way of our supply chains.

I suspect if we received a list of components that make up our cars, computers and medicine, a lot of people would clutch their pearls in astonishment. India alone makes a huge compoments of prescriptions and most generic prescriptions come from India and China. They have cornered the markets.

I think "buy American" is a distraction. As you said, buying isn't an issue of American versus foreign. This isn't something you or I can change. My purchase at Wal-Mart can not influence what decades of regulations created.

I recommend looking it up, but these days people don't know what a purveyor of facts looks like anymore.

But good for you for your temerity. I think you are an optimist as well.

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