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D. Megan Millington

I don't know how you must struggle with living where you do and for as long as you have. I have the luxury of not discussing anything meaningful with anybody else. It can be lonely to live like I do, but I keep company with children and don't have to confront/face/reason with peers with whom I'd undoubtedly face ideological differences. No thank you. I admire your willingness to hope/pray for those who have access to information but willfully not pursue facts.

A couple summers ago, as you know, I had a conversation with a red state relative (mind you, I too live in a red state) who was out of his depth. Having never discussed politics with people out of it being a rude thing to do in general, I wasn't first person aware of how selective truthing and being spoonfed one's opinions would be or how distasteful it is to speak with someone who considers themselves a pseudo intellectual. This relative matter of factly convicted a former president of multiple crimes based on watching a movie someone made after they had read a book about said president that wasn't written by this former president. 100% spoonfed diatribe, 0% curiosity to even run a Google search about any of it. I said I couldn't speak to the matter as I had not looked into these particular outrageous statements myself but expressed incredulity at the source of his information.

Seriously, I think more highly of people if I don't speak with them. I cannot affect change. I doubt anybody would come to be wanting to know my opinion. So I educate myself and my children with the idea we should consider the source. It's an old "common knowledge" idea that seems to have escaped multiple generations of people, seemingly overnight.

And that relative I referenced? He was convinced that his source was fact and looked puzzled when I asked him how else he had looked into the allegations. The source, some no name political figure (I did look it up later), somehow was viewed as unimpeachable, like he was Jesus who had bestowed this secret knowledge to the public via a straight to dvd, dvd. Propaganda anyone? Intellectual laziness on my relative's part. He had a mind filled with bigotry and hate, --willingly. It speaks more of who my relative is at his heart than anything else. Which is sad.

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