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Megan Millington

I think you are one of the kindest people I know. You have been nothing but generous with you friendship and love, wrapping all of us up in thoughtfulness.

My children love you and are better for having you in their lives.

Kindnss? I agree it is very kind to treat others as you would be treated, not as well as they HAVE treated you. Definitely. Though I think the realm of human interactions are far more complex than that.

--And you were a child.

As a mother I am finding I am spending more effort in teaching my daughter that being kind is not a goal. Kindness is a default setting, for sure, but sometimes we have to over ride it and stand up for ourselves. The world she will be navigating, and already is navigating as a young teen is fraught with other children who are not kind, who are looking for an opportunity to exploit.

I entered adult hood with a goal to be kind, loving and generous and felt prey to others. I do not intentionally inflict damage to others, I don't have any enemies or vendettas, but I am now protective of myself and children. Not reactive necessarily, but definitely cautious.

As always, you inspire me to be more than I am right now.

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