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Megan Millington

You are hilarious! "I could watch the food channel all day long and never be a perfect cook!" Ha, ha, ha, ha! That is true no matter how you interpret it.

As for me, however, I gave up watching HGTV and attending Parade of Homes when I realized it bread malcontent in myself. I was living in a beautiful home and had begun to grow critical of it. I began to understand "I do not want what I have not got" was a priceless phrase.

Viewing more homes gave rise to dissatisfaction and criticism. It began to breed consumerism and envy in me. It was running pretty rampant around me when all of my peers were living in brand new houses in a brand new neighborhood. What? What kind of fools we all were? I hate being manipulated like that and I was deliberately courting it.

Maybe it was part of being young. But I found cutting all that out allowed me to go back to being in love with what I already lived in.

You are absolutely right.

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