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Megan Millington

My purse is SO heavy. I am the mom--my person stuff, first aid stuff, medication for everybody from tylenol to benadryl, make up, lotion, wallet, hairspray, small wallet with gift cards (like 20), several pens, gum, back up fuel supply for the kids(candy and granola bar type stuff), etc. Not quite a kitchen sink, but I also have a "Mom bucket" in my car that would push me into kitchen sink category.

New purse day! I love them. They don't occur very often though...yours is cute.

Tommy J Edwards

Mary, today was a big purse day. I have this little purse that I love. I doesn't even require a wallet as it has a zipper compartment that holds drivers license, cards, money. A pocket for calendar and lists and the zipper pocket for meds, hand sanitizer, etc. Today, I stuck that purse in a larger one so I could carry Doctor notebook, my current novel, and letter to mail. I love cloth purses because they aren't so heavy. Don't know why I thought I had to share all that! See you tomorrow. tje

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