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I have a relative who is HUGELY into essential oils. When she first talked with me about it I thought it was an indulgence on my part to listen and with thousands of yeas of Chinese medicine have clearly helped people, I'd be a fool to not at least gain any wisdom I could.

However, I live in MLM world and am surrounded by preppers who all hail their pioneer roots. Essential oils is everywhere. I have seen my fair share of doctors over my life and am eternally grateful for their poking, prodding, scans and medications. But many a neighbor and this particular relative view doctors and hospitals as a big farce.

My ability to discuss the concept of essential oils and home remedies dipped the day I was told to not get flu shots or take any OTC meds for it. All she said she had to do was rub an oil against her wrist and temples for 10 days or so and she was healthy again. I silently recognized the majority of colds and flu run their course in 10 days in normal healthy human beings. At $24 for the oil and her statements that yes, she did have symptoms of the cold/flu during that time, it sure seemed to me that she had basically passed through the virus as anybody else would with or without her oils.(But I am not going to go through the fevers, cough and congestion without some help from the OTC aisle.)

My world view is summed up as follows: If I have to believe in something, it’s not going to work for me. I take medication because I see a value in it. I give my children medication for the same reason. We improve because medication works.

I propose the home remedies from your childhood may or may not have “worked” for you, but as coming from some pretty hearty stock and strong constitution yourself, you survived the injury/illness AND the treatment.


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