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The violence at the protest march in Dallas was caused by one individual who was incensed by the senseless police shootings in Baton Rouge and in Michigan. The protest itself was peaceful and was ending when the perpetrator started his attack on the police. Our constitution allows us the right to peaceful assembly and this protest was peaceful.

While I generally agree with you on most subjects I must disagree with the tone of this post. You imply that law and order take precedence over civil rights and that black people should just be patient and things will get better. I'm white and I say that black people have been much more patient than I would be if the shoe was on the other foot. Slavery was abolished over 150 years ago and black people still do not have the respect they deserve as citizens of this country. The number of police on black shootings is sky-rocketing yet nothing is being done about it. Few police are even charged with a crime when they shoot and kill a black citizen. Those who are charged are generally let off without any restrictions while the dash- and/or body-cams clearly show that the officer was in no danger (the victim is rarely armed) or, as in one of the cases this week, had a legal "concealed carry" weapon and had informed the officer that he had a weapon. The officer immediately shouted, "Gun, gun," and then shot the victim multiple times.

Aren't you glad that we didn't have to warn our children when they were little how to act around police officers so they wouldn't get shot for doing nothing against the law?

I come from Kansas, one of the many heavily bigoted states in the Union. You've lived most of your life in Oklahoma, another bigoted state. You are an intelligent, educated adult white woman. Can't we agree that too many people have died for no reason? You are religious, I am not, but surely your religious beliefs should lead you to overcome the burden of bigotry we've grown up with and to accept people of color as human beings with the same wants and needs we have and that they deserve to walk down the sidewalks without fear when they have committed no wrongdoing.

We can see that the present system isn't working and that we need to change that system.

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