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The answer is really complicated I think. My opinion is that food isn't made like it used to be made, so many parents hear "fast food is bad" but don't realize the whys of bad. Or the hows of bad. We've all heard "in moderation" but moderation means one thing to one person and another to someone else.

I've realized recently that fast food needs to be defined as not only as from a drive thru, but anything that is artificial in any way. A package of hostess donuts seem fast and easy. But are horrendously "bad" for our bodies. Innocuous food at sit down restaurants are terrible too. Scientists know what food is made of and how the body responds to certain foods.

Business takes that knowledge and lace our foods which chemicals that trigger those primal responses. Repeat. Repeat.

Regular, normal people are at a huge disadvantage. We don't even know what we're doing to ourselves. Eggs when I was a kid, were mostly local. Ground meats were too. Veggies, fruits--mostly locally sourced and not produced like they are today. Pesticides, residues, outbreaks that kill and harm--all geographically implausible just because there were no massive food chains in place.

It's a different world. A one that doesn't seem to be transparent. Or healthy. I think the consumer is the one that loses in this. And the consumer's children.

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