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I love the insightful not engaging with people in anger often. Love that. Loved the gradations . . . I love reading your blog. You put so much sense in to my world. :)

I seem to hit frustrated, indignant and steam fuming from my ears pretty quickly with one of my children. I'm a walk away person when I'm angry. But according to your scale, I'm not sure if I ever fully hit anger. With that child. (I totally do with my better half every now and then.)

Love that you had them write notes to apologize. So often people avoid that step. They offend and then brush it under the rug and move on to the next day. Even little kindergarteners can help "make things right" as we call it at our house.

And that midterm was HARD. HARD. Did I mention it was hard? But my next one will be easier now that my brain is working in a higher plane than just rapid consumption of information.

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