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Debra Freeman

So thankful you took the time out to write such a great "truth" I am in your story too "actually you"! (I can remember Christmas' at funerals, at hospitals, at home with each family member with stomach virus! Lack of funds, but you know there was always Love! That is all we need! You know if everyone thought... I bet they are someone in your story too! Mary, that is my favorite holiday movie too. I have the DVD and watch when I put up tree!...and again in season too! Such a wonderful life we have!


"He truly does see who is naughty or nice, but instead of keeping score like Santa, he erases some of the numbers and gives me another chance." This will be the theme of our lunch time conversation today. I love how you phrased it.

My basement and main levels are decorated with the help of my children and it was fun. It wasn't as much effort as expected because they were helping and because their delight was contagious. Now it's time for the upstairs to be decorated so I can start baking Christmas cookies!

Christmas is amazing with little ones. Here's to hoping we continue our healthy, no trip to the ER (how awful!) Christmas tradition. And I hope you skip the ER too.

Thank you for adding to our Christmas holiday. You and Uncle Gary give us a sense of belonging and shared happiness.

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