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That's right! Be nice to the cat. And maybe Buddy learned that when momma steps on an animal, momma takes a hoe to it. Maybe he'll stay out from under your feet now. Right?

I think he's gonna be your best friend. Actually, I think he already thinks he's your best friend and he's just waiting for you to succumb to his charm.

Glad you're safe!!!!

And thanks for sparing us the pic. Maybe a photo of Buddy with his dinner of a beautiful cut of prime rib?


Mary, once a snake got into our basement and I've left a hoe down there ever since--but never take one out in the yard. Thank God and Buddy you're safe.

Marilyn Crabtree

I thinking...the personality of the car has already been formed, (like 5 yr olds) and I don't think the cat will change. Even though it helped you with the snake, I'm thinking maybe you should take the cat to another "home" somewhere.
Thankful you didn't get a snake bite.

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