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Trent is a 3 & 4 when appropriate. And with his big, muscular body, a no go on the trench coats for him. Just as well . . .

Too funny today! Your subject matter never ceases to diversify.


I forgot to mention, Trent has this horrible suit made out of heavens knows what. He thought it looked good back in the day and I know what he's thinking when he puts that velour, awkward gray fuzzy thing on. I go along with it, trying not to burst that bubble. But it's bad. Bad fabric, a bad cut and a bad color. YUCK! And he used to wear it out to the clubs to go dancing.

The day will come when the kids are all over him for that thing. They can have the pleasure. I've always been one to delay gratification.


Oh, ho, this was so funny. I remember that white suit/dance fever stage of dressing. I blame it on John Travolta. You are definitely right about men. Once they're in a groove they never change. Maybe that's what we like about them.~~Dee

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