> Robert Lee and Beatrice Simmons

Gran at work
Gran with afghan
Robert, Karen, Bea, 1980
Bob Simmons, Edna Alexander, Bea Simmons, Mary Simmons Hart, and Karen
Betty, Bea, and Robert Maurer
Bea with Karen, Katrina, and (?)
Lee and (?)
Beatrice Simmons
Simmons headstone
Lee, Fresno, 1968
Lee, 1968
Bea and Lee
Young Lee
Bea and (?), 1967
Mary and Bea
Bea and Lee, Chirstmas
Lee in yellow car
Bea and Betty, 1958
Lee and Bea in Caddo
Lee and Bea
Bea with car
Katrina, Bea, Mary, Karen, baby Taylor, Hope
Colleen and Bea
Bea at park
Lee and Bee, CA
Bea with Robert Maurer, 1977
Bea, Jason, Megan, Colleen, Terri
Don, Bobby, Bea, Lee, Betty
Betty, Katrina,Bea, Clara, Karen
Mary, Karen, Betty, Bea
Bea with James and Dan, 1962
Bea with Scarf
Bea, 1962
Bea and Robert Maurer, 1974
Bea and Lee, 1970
Lee, Fresno
Lee and Bea, Fresno
Bea at cemetery.
Gran on motorcycle.
Bea and friends.
Bea at her house, 1984.
Bea with Linda and Barbara
Bea and James Simmons
Gene and Mollie Willis, Edna and Bea
Irine, Lee and (?)
Lee and Don Simmons
Lee, Bea, and Edna Alexander
Beatrice, year unknown
Christmas in Lone Pine, 1978