> David Lee Simmons

David with our dogs in Highway City.
David, ring bearer at our aunt's wedding.
Dan, James, John, David.
With Grandma Bea.
Boys 1962.
Boys in the wagon, Highway City, behind the bar.
Our house in Highway City.
At Della's house. David is the one sucking his thumb.
Fishing with Aunt Clariece and her kids. David has pole.
With our dog.
David at Mom's; John in background.
John and David at Mom's.
Me with John and David at Mom's.
David with Hope Perez at Mom's house.
A newspaper article about David's job.
David working on my car, Fresno, CA.
Duck pond at Roeding Park, Fresno, CA.
Baby David, location unknown.
With Bea.
Ranch in Madera, 1959.
David at Fresno Fair, year unknown.
Christmas, Highway City, CA, 1962.
Toddler David, location unknown.
David at John's house.
Mom and the boys at the house behind the bar in Highway City, CA.
David playing marbles in Highway City, CA.
David at the ranch in Highway City.
David and Brenda with family.
David with me at Mom's.
With first wife, Debbie, and children Terri, Jason, and Megan.
Roeding Park, Fresno, CA
This was taken at Bea's house.
Me, Mom pregnant with Dan, David.
David, Brenda, Kim, John at Mom's.