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This was delightful to read! I never owned a pair of gloves in my life-til I lived in a mountain state as an adult. I now have 5 pair of winter gloves ranging from knitted to leather to a pair with clearly feminine frills. But real gloves? So very cool.

I remember flying once as a child in elementary school. We wore Sunday dresses and my brother wore a tie. That would have been maybe 1982? My mother chaffed at how casually people dressed for air travel at the time.

I am out and about these days often after I've been at the gym. It's only been in the last couple years I've worn workout clothes in public. But that is all anybody wears it seems--even people who clearly have not been in the gym in a very long time, well coifed and bejeweled.

I can only imagine what my grand children will deem public worthy attire.

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