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I switched to reusable bags six years ago when I received a few free bags. They are dreamy and can be "hugged" like a paper bag too! Inevitably, we have accumulated a dozen of them through giveaways or even from cashiers who see I use them and have some promotional bags under their registers. I totally love them.

Smith's gives you a five cent discount for each reusable bag you use or for each plastic bag you bring in to rebag your groceries.

We used to be able to take the plastic bags from the grocery stores back to recycle from the store. Being able to do so helped alleviate the guilt when I forgot to bring in my others in my car. About a year ago, however, both our Walmart and our Smith's grocery store stopped taking the bags back due to their inability to find a recycle to use them. Sounds insane, right?

Plastic bags are horrendous for the environment. I know it isn't convenient to bring your own bags to the store, but just because we are used to not doing so doesn't mean we can't make a change and do something different.

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