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We live in a world that is constantly changing. And, you have to admit, Walmart is not the place to expect to run into a very high echelon of people.

I don't know what religion you belong to, but I assume you are a Protestant since Catholics are not encouraged to read the Bible, primarily for the very reason that you cite: interpreting the Bible can be confusing. There are contradictory lessons sprinkled throughout its pages. If you are truly looking for guidance, you might try talking with your pastor.

I understand that you are in a unique situation where you must deal with five year olds who haven't learned yet to think before they open their mouths and who haven't been taught to filter the "bad" words from their conversation. I'm sure you're right that the youngsters are exposed to more "bad" words nowadays than you and I were when we were that age, although I did learn a few of those words from my father when he was trying to repair our washing machine!

I think you should address this issue with parents at the beginning of the school year and attempt to enlist their help in training their children to learn the difference between "bad" words and appropriate polite speech for school. Everybody slips once in a while and spouts an expletive when they drop something or stub their toe, but, for the most part, we try to use polite speech at school.

It must be frustrating for you to feel that you're fighting a losing battle, but children in the kindergarten level delight in using "bad" words and forget that they are supposed to filter them out of their speech. You usually handle this well. It's a good thing that summer break is near.


I don't want to offend readers of the Bible, but I have pretty much given up on finding answers to my problem/struggle within the set of scriptures. I can cite verses that validate my point of view as well as the opposite. It's not a comforting scenario.

Ambiguous. Tolerant. That seems to be all that is left.

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