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Marilyn Crabtree

I totally agree with you, Mary. I don't like to hear language like that. It becomes so much a part of their language that when they are around small kids they can't keep from using cursing. People don't care anyone what they say.

Tammy Jackson

Mary, I agree with you so much. There are so many parents that think they are cool or they just don't care. I find it hard to believe that young children and teens are not given boundaries anymore as well. A decent bedtime has become obsolete because of video games and cell phones, dating is allowed at a very young age, and the video games, music, and movies just magnify sex, language, and violence. OK let's see to sum it all up technology is playing a huge role in destroying our children while parents not only allow it, but take part in it SAD :(


As Miley's recent song says..."It's my mouth and I'll say what I want".

I'm afraid that integrity,etiquette, and proper English are apparently outdated notions.

I was born 1959 and
MY mother said "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". It's apparent to me that generally my children's generation say and do what they want- at the moment they want to- and don't think twice about it. NOTHING is not worth keeping anymore.What kind of world will my grandchildren raise their kids in? I don't know. I DO know it gets harder to be as optimistic (or as nice) as I used to be. Keep up the good work. Some of us are all in the same boat-even if it seems to be sinking:)
PS I was raised Catholic and my father and I read the Bible, the Torah, and the classics on a regular basis.My parents were devout Catholics.

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