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My family rarely visited the doctor when I was a child, except for inoculations or broken bones. We had no health insurance and we were all pretty healthy. We certainly did not visit the doctor for a cold.

Nowadays my husband and I are taking prescription meds (not antibiotics) and must see the doctors on a regular basis to have the prescriptions refilled. We are basically healthy and hope we stay that way since all we have is Medicare to cover the bills.

I do believe that agriculture, with all its chemicals and hormones and antibiotics is affecting America's health. Plus I am afraid of any foodstuffs we ingest that were prepared in China. The lack of quality control in foreign countries and in America scare the wits out of me. Remember the baby formula scandal? I believe that we face the possibility of the same sort in the future, especially since the American distributors do no testing prior to sending the products to grocery stores in our country. I think we will find someday that we've paid a high price in our health by allowing foreign companies to provide our food without more oversight or ANY oversight.

And it has been acknowledged that we do not have enough inspectors in the U.S. for foods processed here.

I'm afraid that the number of drug-resistant germs will continue to increase and that the average consumer has no power to change the current system.

Dee Nash

I'm so familiar with this. My mom has had everything including VRE and MRSA. We fear we'll lose her to an infection one day. In her case, it's all the years of surgery after the car wreck. Still, because of antibiotics, she is still here with us. Good post.~~Dee


The majority of antibiotics are used in animal production as a way for them to continue to overcrowd the populations and acceleration maturation.

It's the same thing with pollution.

It seems like the same is true for everything these days.

But yes, antibiotics are dramatically over prescribed.

On a personal note, I would doubt I've gone more than three years without an antibiotic. My hats off to your amazing immune system.

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