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Mary arteaga

My feeling is that we have been surrounded by microbes as long as we have been here. Some are beneficial, some harmful. Our bodies have learned, for the most party, to handle them without problem.
Wash hands after using the bathroom, and before eating, you should be fine.


I have many of the same issues you do about food. I am wary about the cleanliness of restaurants and grocery stores, especially since we now live in the South. Food inspection, particularly of meat, and food handling seems to be very casual down here and it worries me.

We eat out less and less -- even the fast-food chain food tastes different here. Or the difference might be due to the changes the chains are making to get rid of trans-fat. Regardless, we don't like the food anymore and would rather eat our own cooking and know that surfaces are clean and that the food has been properly cooked.


Not to mention that antibacterial wipes are not anti viral. And really, it's the viruses that seem to get us the most. Can we all say FLU???

Food is scary. Very scary these days. With our global economy, our microbes/bacteria/viruses are coming from all over the world.

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