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You should hear how it's presented in the schools here:

You are amazing!
You are talented!
You are incredible!
You are brilliant!
Your are .....

Umm, how about
You need to improve
You don't have skill "x" yet--or "y", "Z" oh! or pretty much "C-W"
You need to shut up and respect your teachers
You don't get to be the center of attention in class
You aren't viewed as the most compelling thing ever to exist.
You aren't something incredible unless compared against incredible and out performing it.

I cannot believe the You! You! You! rhetoric bleeding throughout the middle schools and over into our homes. There is truly NO common sense left.

Thank you to our litigious nation. Can't wait to see what it's going to take to make the pendulum swing back into the middle.

Not that I have strong opinions or anything.

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