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I admire your position on pain.

"Real" pain medications are very, very scary. I know many people have opinions about OTC medication, but for a lot of people, they just offer no relief. I look at medicine as a losing battle. I know I will acclimate to a medicine and the two choices are higher doses or another pain medication. For me it's a practical issue: I have a good forty years ahead of me and could very easily run through my options, developing tolerance and addictions rapidly. And then be out of options at all.

I'm not holier than anybody else. I cannot begin to judge someone's ability to cope. But I think many people have an abundance of faith in the medical establishment and not enough fear of the same.

We had a discussion about addiction with our children over the weekend after watching an episode of Star Trek-TNG (don't judge!!)More and more often there is news of children raiding prescriptions from home and sharing them with friends. It's the foolishness of youth to disregard what is happening at a molecular level by playing with fire and yet we are positive at least one of our three kids will explore this possibility.

My current predicament has me experiencing pain with no clear injury, no way to turn off the signals for pain that ought not to be happening and an amplification of pain when I truly do hurt myself. And I've yet to truly hurt myself in a way that requires surgery, therapy, etc.

I guess I'm just saying pain is complex.

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