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I have totally had days exactly like this! I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Prayers for everything to work out for you. Love you, my friend. :)


Mary...I am having similar problems with my computer. I had my husband send me an external hard drive to save my files and he sent it to the wrong address (our previous) and my CD drive won't work. I am going to drive the hour to retrieve the hard drive and clear my computer to factory settings and send it to a friend for fixing. Ugh. You could try to talk to Eric Pyle (alishas hubby). He could help you.


I know that I'm not a dummy either, but when my husband tries to show me something on the computer he goes so fast that I'm easily lost.

If it's something that I'll never need to do again, I'll just let him do it, but if it's something that I will have to do from time to time, I have to have him go through it step by step and sometimes I have to write down the steps because I will instantly forget them...

This is one of the few things I've ever encountered that I didn't master right away. And I, too, have a fear of accidentally erasing files.

I think that part of the problem is that we really don't understand the inner workings and the jargon of the computer. Had we been instructed properly on computers we would have learned about the hardware and programming. Instead, we just cruised into a program, be it word processing or spreadsheets, without caring how the computer works. Then when we run into a problem, we have no idea why we're having a problem and we have to have a geek (and I do not use that word in a derogatory sense) to straighten things out for us.

Here's hoping you can find a geek to help solve your dilemma!


So good to hear I'm not alone.


Had to reset my smart phone to factory settings during the summer. Frustrating.

I totally concur with using a thing but having no idea how it works. Truth be told, I don't care to learn because it seems that as soon as I have a handle on it, the whole thing will be thrown out and replaced with an updated version of whatever (hardware or software.) It seems so pointless....

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