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I'm always interested when you describe what you do with your class -- kindergarten is a lot different today than it was when I attended it. Back then we mostly played and took a nap on a rug we had furnished. The floor was hard and I was never a bit sleepy. I was the only child who knew how to tie shoes (my dad had taught me) and so I helped the teacher, Miss Ivy, whenever someone's shoe came untied.

We didn't learn reading, printing, spelling, or arithmetic until first grade. Catholic schools didn't offer kindergarten so I attended a public school in our neighborhood and walked about eight blocks BY MYSELF to get there. This was in Wichita, KS, and we lived in a nice little neighborhood near the university. I was never afraid when walking to and from, but I would be today as an adult. No one else in our block was in kindergarten so I always walked alone.

How do your students get to school? Here in this little town most parents take their children to school in cars, even if it's only a few blocks. Perhaps they feel that's safest. When I attended grade school I always envied those children who could walk to school in groups. The Catholic grade school was miles from our house and so one of my parents would have to take us and pick us up. That meant no after-school activities or sports since my parents were only going to make one trip to pick up all of us.


Most of our children are escorted by parents or older siblings. Also have bus service.

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