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Unbelievable, isn't it?

I know that you're probably a Republican, since you live in Oklahoma, but I'm from Kansas and NOT a Republican, so maybe you're not as conservative as I thought... And I know that your political thoughts are your own business.

However, if we continue to elect Republicans, we can expect them to close all public schools and privatize education completely. At least that's where they are headed right now.

Education is a foundation of our country and should be available to all. Government should NOT be run like a business. There are certain basics that government should provide to its citizens and education is one of them.

Teachers should be well-trained and well-paid. Teachers are not simply babysitters to be provided so we can all go to work. All my teachers were dedicated to their work and tried very hard to impart learning and culture to all their students (even the teachers I didn't like).

We simply should not go on like this. We must speak up and be willing to justly compensate our teachers. They are the ones who are forming the minds of our young people and they play an important part in making our country great.

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