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So, did you move from the fifth grade to the seventh? I did and hated it. The kids all treated me like I was a freak. And there were lots of other girls who could have done the same thing, but didn't.

I know this is completely off the subject so I'll get back on the subject...

Parents who blame the teachers are wrong. They should volunteer to spend a few days with their child in the classroom to see why their darling Johnny or Susie isn't getting better grades. Perhaps children no longer feel the need to please adults since they get everything handed to them today. Perhaps they need a smack on the butt now and then, not abuse, just a wake-up reminder. Perhaps you should ask the nuns what they did -- we all behaved for them... Maybe you just need to wear a nun's habit to school. LOL ;-)

Mable Lowe

IFF teachers were allowed to REALLY get to know their students, and were to be allowed to teach/tailor the curricula to build on what the child really already knows...We could build with the student strength upon strength. Students who experience successes are more engaged! Remember how kids learned to talk/walk and properly use the facilities all before age two? No??? Me neither!


No, my mother would not allow me to move ahead. She was afraid "those girls" were too mature, and she was right.


I think it is an issue of experience. Before I faced a challenging child, I figured a challenging child was the fault of parental failure/disinterest/effort.

I do not agree that it's the teacher's fault, nor have I ever agreed with that line of thinking. Maybe there are crummy teachers. There are problems, however, that a great teacher cannot overcome. A child's family dynamic, parents who have abused substances, parents who think sending a kid off to school each day is the extent of their responsibility. These are all things that cannot be discounted.

The issues are complex. The solutions are even more so. Extended calendars and days are not a universal solution. Nor is punishing the education system.

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