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I parent with this idea front and center and have explained this many different times and in many different ways to my children.

Our church leaders have discouraged us from seeing anything rated R and to steer clear of much that is rated PG 13 for the same reason.

My sweet daughter has had a few nightmares this week from reading books. I'm grateful that in her own limited way, the images she created were scary. I choose not to have implanted worse images and ideas for her mind to draw upon to work out sad and tense situations. I am doing my best to give my children a healthy body and mind.

What they choose to do with it when they're older is theirs to make, but in the interim, we do our best to keep the innocence of childhood intact.

I know far too well that images and words are in my mind that come unbidden and unwelcome. I think your advice is powerful wisdom.

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