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I don't know how you maintain the high road. You are certainly wise. I think a lot about where to go from here. I think it's very easy to burn through every possible medication (OTC or otherwise) and facing what I'm guessing is at least another four decades of life requires pacing, tolerance and coping.

I read a fascinating article today about the increasing suicide rates in the military. It was eye opening to read how your generation went to war with life skills, with determination and grit and how our modern generations just aren't going into adulthood with these characteristics. (Clearly, it was a far more complicated issue that this, but for brevity I'm just highlighting that comparison.)

If we truly believe that the Lord will not give us more than we can bear, there is always hope. There is always comfort. Pain seems to be the trade off for an expanded lifetime. But I am hoping that the expanded life expectancy gives me more opportunities to refine myself. And earn a little grit. And deal a little better.

Thanks for the perspective.

I hope you rest easy tonight.

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