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I'm not really a "Greenie" either, but we really became aware of the water shortages when we lived in Colorado from '87 through 2004. Water is rationed all around Denver, although not in Denver city limits, and we were told which days we could water our lawns and flowers and during what hours.

That's one of the reasons I've been so upset over all the fracking they're doing to get natural gas and the pipeline they want to run from Canada to Galveston. The fracking uses toxic chemicals to extract the natural gas and it is not just possible, but likely that those chemicals will leach into the aquifers nearby. I know of a case of this that happened in Haysville, KS (right outside of Wichita)and the chemicals killed all the peach orchards that had been a mainstay of local economy. And that XL pipeline will carry the dirtiest oil sands and you know there will be leaks -- right into the Ogallala (sp?) aquifer beneath Nebraska and Kansas -- it'll be going across Okalahoma, too. If it gets into the aquifer, there goes agriculture in all the states involved.

We (all Americans)have a lot at stake and yet the oil companies take great risks and cut corners and endanger our livelihoods and lifestyles by their carelessness. But that oil in Canada isn't even meant to be refined and sold in America -- it is to be shipped to China! We have a lot to worry about...


I saw a report on fracking and I was also concerned about the impact on earthquakes.


This whole subject is terrifying. Just because we CAN do something doesn't mean we SHOULD do it. Money cannot be the end all.

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