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The last paragraph says it all my friend. How will we choose to live?~~Dee


I went to high school with a guy who became a serial killer, BTK in Wichita, KS. I'm also friends with a guy whose brother raped and murdered a woman...

Both men were considered strange, although the serial killer was not feared in high school. The rapist/murderer was wild and violent and was feared, rightfully so as it turns out.

We probably all know people who really didn't fit in at school, but the majority never become killers. And I doubt there is any fool-proof way to identify who will become a killer. We are a large country with a large population. These people, even if they plan methodically, act on their impulses and we have no way to know what will set a person off...


It is frightening to watch, wonder and pray over a child that could follow a terrible path. We've been talking a LOT about this subject and truly don't know how to solve it.

I think we need more intervention and resources for the mentally ill. How to do that and still allow civil liberties? I have no idea.

Guns in school? Wow. I feel like the more guns, the more likely it is that people will be killed. Trent thinks that maybe we could bring in vets and retired policemen who'd be happy to do the job. But what percentage of these new special helpers would themselves be mentally unhealthy?

People and children die everyday. I do not like the sensationalism, I do not like that it takes sensationalism to spur action. But it does seem to be our current human condition. Flawed.

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