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I've always wanted to help some poor children, but never knew any. We do have a family living next door that I believe would qualify as being poor, but they spend their money on things that I believe to be frivolous and a waste. They have rifles and shoot them into our woods even though they know we don't want them to do so. It's not illegal here, even though they've shot two of our cats (admitted it to me right here in our own kitchen!)and that cost us vet fees to save the cats' lives. I didn't even ask them for anything toward those fees, I knew they wouldn't have it. They also have those annoying, noisy ATVs that they ride without helmets and take silly chances with their lives while doing it.

So I guess I won't be helping those kids... maybe the local school could give me a name or two of kids who are needy. Would the school do that?


The school would not be able to give you a name, but if you want to drop off a donation they could make sure it gets to a needy child.

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