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I attended Catholic grade school and was taught by nuns. We had no idea what the nuns did in the evenings or on weekends -- some of us thought they just prayed all the time, so we were amazed to learn that sometimes they watched TV. We knew that one nun stayed at the convent and cooked and cleaned for those that taught (don't you wish you had a cook and housekeeper?!), and so some of us thought that the teaching nuns just sat around trying to think of terrible things to do to us the next day! We certainly never thought of them as real people...


Now I'm curious what my students think of their parents.

You know Moms wash your clothes, make you food and pick up your toys, right? What else would a mother want to do? Go the bathroom by herself? Go to the movies with their spouses? eat food when they're actually hungry? There is no world but the pleasure of the child's company . . . right?

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