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You are absolutely right -- making history more personal engenders greater interest. It matters not if your great-great was the sheriff or if he was the horse rustler, it brings the subject more to life.

As an aside, I just read today from the New York Times that in Estonia children are being taught how to write computer code beginning in, I think, third grade. How much better prepared those students will be for the world market when they leave school than our students will be. On the other hand, I deplore that our students are not being taught Latin and Greek and higher mathematics at a young age as were students in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

It just seems that there is so much to learn and too little time to learn it. I'm afraid that our school terms are too short and should no longer be set up for an out-dated agricultural society when students had to be available to help plant and tend and harvest crops and thus could not attend school during the summer.

What are your thoughts on these issues?


As as student, I felt it was all interesting and cool, but very much that history happened to other people, somewhere else. I don't know if it's a child's perspective or the curriculum. I believe family history is very important, but it seems that history is zooming by so briskly that knowing any specific person that did pretty much anything has no value to what we're trying to do to prepare kids for the future. Granted, you are doomed to repeat the past that you don't learn from, but how much history? Who's history?

I've noticed a different aspect since returning to college. The amount of scientific knowledge necessary in a freshman class commonly equals what would have been acquired in a four year degree. And that is just beginning of what has to be learned and then added on to. I wonder how specialized education is going to need to be in the next generation or two. Wide swaths of information will have to be ignored . . . and that worries me.

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I really didn't ask about it to anyone and it was good time that.

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