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What a horrific mess. I know my eldest has whined for years (and he is 12) about a phone. Not going to happen. Period. They are banned basically at elementaries and middle schools by a policy that says they cannot be turned on during school hours.

I assisted my child in deducing that I was 26 when I bought my own phone so good luck on convincing his parents on why he needs one. My daighter, undoubtedly will have one as a teen simply as a safety measure. But cells as educational aids? No way.

Terrible, terrible idea. Technology isn't set up for that and as a parent I would refuse the costs and the absolute lack of supervision a cell represents. My kid has printed off assignments and turned them in (he was caught by his teacher) but did so while at school on school computers in a computer class under a teacher's supervision.

So no. I think not.


My husband works with your husband, and after reading this blog post, he wanted me to read what you've written. I agree with you on ALL of the points referenced above.
The students have a hard enough time staying on task now (because they get bored, are used to having many devices to keep them from having to THINK for a few quiet minutes, and just lack focus in general), and the addition of cell phones being approved in the classroom will only make all of this worse. I'm guilty of being distracted by my phone, computer, Kindle Fire, and such, but when I was in school, the only things that distracted me from my teachers and their lessons were chosen books or my imagination... Both of which are missing quite often in the kids these days. (Wow, did I just do a cyber "Get Offa My Lawn!" or what?)
At any rate, I've rambled on too long. I just wanted to tell you that your view matters, and the Powers That Be could benefit from your point of view.

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