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Not us.


The level of programming by the three television networks has steadily fallen during the last twenty years. The programs being offered are vulgar and sophomoric. We do watch the local and national news on these stations and that is all. We do have satellite TV, but that isn't much better. I've gotten so tired of listening to shows about home remodeling or home seeking that it all just drives me nuts. I don't actually watch TV. I am busy on the computer while my husband watches. If it were up to me, the box would be turned off 99% of the time. We do watch a good movie once in a while, but those are few and far between as well.

And, you're right, we older people are not the targeted audience anyway. The stations want to catch younger watchers who are more likely to buy the products advertised during the trash that is now shown. You will notice that the news is usually sponsored by Viagra and laxatives!

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