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My mother became a hoarder. It was very hard as a teen. Heck, it was hard as a child. Once we moved into our house in the country (fourth grade for me), the descent into stuff was rapid.

I don't hoard, but I totally save things. Tyler's toys are being played with by my youngest. Seems silly to purchase toys over and over again. But we've been donating and selling the things my four year old has grown out of.

I don't want to live a disposable life. I make enough of a carbon footprint that when I can, I keep and reuse. When I can't, I send it on or recycle.

But hoarding? Oh, no. I'm a must.see.surfaces kind of girl. I'm only a fraction of as organized as I'd like to be. This summer, I'm going all the way. I enjoy the process and I enjoy the results.


I've been meaning to tell you. I'm so happy it's finally May. The desk calendar you sent me has been flipped to May (and back to the appropriate month) repeatedly to see the bunnies. Noah is happily admiring the bunny pictures. I hope he lets me keep it on June . . . .

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