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Meg Potts

I liked your post. I agree with all your points. I was born in a country and it was a real piece and hapiness to live there. Every day you can enjoy fresh air, diffrent critters and stay healthy. When I moved to the city I always felt depressed and sad. Now I have a great desire to move there again. That is so cool to live there, especially in summer!


I recently read an article by a woman, married to an entomolgist, who writes down every species of animal, bird, plant, etc. she encounters on their property. They don't live in the country, but in a suburban subdivision. She counts anything she can see, hear or smell from her property, so that includes critters or plants in her neighbors' yards as well. I thought it would be an interesting thing to do, especially since I do live in the country although we only have 5 acres. We do have a small woods as well as cleared land, so I would think that we would have a larger sample of things... I notice that you photograph all kinds of bugs, butterflies, birds, etc. I'm not native to this area and so I don't know what most of the wildflowers or bugs are. Do you use nature books to help you identify your photographic subjects or did you just grow up learning the local bugs? I know that you have assembled photo albums -- I suppose you could go back and label them with species names... What do you think? Or would this be more trouble than you believe it is worth???

Marilyn Crabtree

I certainly love the critters we have around here in the mountains. Nothing like you have but the birds are coming around. We've had grossbeaks, male and female, cowbirds, toehees, robins,jack rabbit, deer, and lots of turkeys and of course,squirrels. Looking forward to warm spring weather which will bring more birds.


I do have several guides and I'm usually able to identify most critters. I also know a local bird expert so that helps! I'm too lazy to carefully identify all my photos. I do keep simple tags on the ones I might forget later.


I live in a subdivision, off a lake. Our yard was once dubbed "Sherwood Forest" for all the trees we put in. Now we get nothing but intense admiration and astonishment and the birdsong that is always present. Our teeny bit of nature is a gift to our children. We cannot live in the country, but love the country nonetheless.

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