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I wonder how much we miss out on just because we don't want to put out the effort to learn. My eldest is an example. He doesn't want to write or do any language arts except reading the words someone else has written. His teacher says if/when he writes, he's articulate and insightful. If he's not pushed to meet standardized testing, he may miss out on being an outstanding writer some day. The adults in his life are pushing him. We can all see that he cannot just do what he gravitates towards as a child cannot predict what costs they will pay for playing up their strengths now.

I think maybe that's what standardized testing is meant to solve. I think someone somewhere thought trying to give every child the foundation so that some day they will have the skills when they do join the work force. It gives them options they wouldn't have otherwise. And it may help them uncover and refine gifts they'd not know about.

It seems that how that intention translated into reality is what is challenging to good teachers everywhere. It's a lot of responsibility, especially when the portion that should be on parents is shifted onto your shoulders.

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