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So true. People don't care enough to change and no amount of lecturing in the world will have an effect. In today's world it would be a rare individual who didn't know that twinkies and kool aid are not a good breakfast choice, but there are still plenty of twinkies flying off the shelves.

I think it's all self medicating. Our bodies enjoy chemical reactions to our food, however subtle and unconscious those reactions are, we eat to celebrate, to sooth and to commiserate.

Knowing and doing don't seem to cross very often.

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Came here via TGB and enjoying the read.
If the governments would stop subsidizing the fast food industry (corn particularly which is in everything) and focussed on local sustainable food these problems would be eliminated.
Cost is often the problem for the poor when it comes to choices of fresh veg or a KD.


Excellent post. I smoked for 50 years before finally giving it up. Every time I saw a TV "public service" ad about the evils of smoking, the scenes made me want to light up again! Wonder how many people were lured off the nonsmoking wagon by the undesired side effects of those ads?

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