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I rarely "watch" TV nowadays although my husband has it on all evening. I'm usually at my desk in the same room so that I can see or listen to what's on, but most of what's on is garbage -- in my opinion anyway. I deplore the vulgarity, the bathroom humor, the predictability of the plots, the inanity of most dialogue. I used to love certain sitcoms and some dramas, but the only show I actually watch now is "The Good Wife" and it has a number of sexual references, but at least the dialogue is sensible. Perhaps it is our "advanced" age that turns us away from TV today. Or perhaps it is that none of the programming is aimed at our age group. It is all so sophomoric and forthrightly sexual and vulgar. I prefer to think that I have better taste than that I am just old.

Marilyn Crabtree

Where are the good sitcoms that we grew up with?? There is almost nothing on TV that is suitable for families with children, let alone decent for adults to watch. I certainly agree with your comments.


Many of my friends have switched to only Netflix and Hulu. They've done it without any fanfare or announcement. We switched two years ago and just yesterday a friend said they had done the same a year ago. Some of us are NOT watching television the way it's done today. Some of us are screening carefully what comes into our home. I can't say what the state of television is right now. I'm glad I don't know.

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