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I "heart" hominy.


I remember helping my mother make hominy. I do love to eat it, too. Yes, the Indians could store dry corn which could only be ground to cook into a mush or bread. Guess hominy was another dish to eat With a better texture. My mother would sometimes make cornmeal mush for breakfast. It was similar to cream of wheat.


I like hominy too though I've only ever had it from a can.

I'd have to say liquor, coffee and fish eggs. The few times I've had liquor it was a repugnant taste and smell. Don't know how people do that. I feel the same about coffee. Both of these items take weird, extensive processes to make them and I too wonder how on earth people came up with coffee and liquor!

Fish eggs. Well, I can see that if you're a native person and you need calories to live. . . . but really. Not my thing. Caviar and roe?

I am prepared for strong disagreement, I know.


I hate hominy -- why go to a lot of trouble to utterly ruin good corn? I also detest sauerkraut. I love both cooked and raw cabbage, but sauerkraut is horrible.

I do understand that some foods are changed in the process of trying to preserve them for eating out-of-season, but you are not alone in wondering the hows and whys of the methods people came up with. I'm not very inventive myself -- imagine the first one to make ice cream or jello...

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