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I have a few more questions:
* Why do cashiers now end the transaction with "Here you go" instead of "Thank you for shopping here"?

*Why don't children play outside anymore? Fast food once in a while wouldn't produce obese children if they were outside, running and jumping.

*When did soda pop replace fruit juice and milk in children's diets?

I do have one answer for you: children stopped learning how to tie shoes when the laces were replaced with Velcro. I remember when my dad taught me to tie my shoes -- only took one lesson -- and I was the only one, besides the teacher, who knew how to tie shoes in my kindergarten class. I can remember telling my son, when teaching him to tie his shoes, that it would be very embarrassing for him, if he didn't learn how to do it, to have to come to my house to have me tie his shoes when he was 35 years old...

People do not seem to discipline their children anymore, especially in public. Fear of prosecution for child abuse may be a factor. Somehow children have become the bosses -- especially since children have been instructed to report even the smallest swat on the rear by their parents. I'm totally against child abuse, but you can tell that I'm not against corporal punishment, especially if it is to get a child's attention when their safety is threatened by something much worse, such as climbing the display cases in the store or running into the street without looking both ways for approaching traffic.

And no one has taught any manners to most children I see in public. My grandchildren are in college and pretty well-mannered except that their table manners are terrible, a direct result from eating in front of the television every night at home. They live in another state, so I have no chance to remedy that situation -- maybe their girlfriends will work miracles there! We can only hope!


I see we are from the same generation. :) I'm glad you mentioned climbing displays- that happened once when my children were young. Another child did that and knocked a shelf onto my son's head! Thankfully he was okay...and got a free pair of shoes from the manager.


great list of to do's and to don'ts. Thanks for the reminder.

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