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Marilyn Crabtree

All of these special things are for a well-deserved friend


Just passing by your blog, looking for gardening things, saw a couple of your posts about statins maybe giving you pain & weakness. I have a word of encouragement for you & a testimony of same type statin experiences. You have a wise Dr. willing to see if a couple months off the statins will help.

My family is one of the 400 LDL range ones & so of course, very concerned for all members to be on the lowering program of statins.

But over the course of several years efforts to find one that didn't give all the supposedly rare symptoms of muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, sleeplessness, etc., my Dr. sent me to heart specialist Dr. who gave me an extensive battery of tests which showed I was one of the lucky ones with no blockages in heart, neck, or trunk arteries. So with a warning that it might be different in 10 years time both Drs. OKed my not being on any of the statins or the other cholesterol lowering meds (I had been put on every one in the books with no tolerance for any).

My symptoms went away almost immediately & 3 years later at age 57 I'm doing well & feeling fine on a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, raw & cooked, many other vegetables, cowpeas, pinto beans, whole grain breads, olive oil & coconut oil & butter, nuts, and moderate to small amounts of meats. I don't eat prepackaged foods or at resturants. I avoid MSG, corn syrups, & preservatives.

My winter garden in N MS provided me with turnip greens, two kinds of mustard greens, & collard greens that are still producing now with little to no labor! I'm now studying year round gardening. That's why I was surfing tonight & ran across your web site.

Statins, I believe are bad for some folks, I know my sisters (2) & I couldn't take them, so listen to your body & be careful not to worry about cholesterol numbers as many times they don't mean much. Do a little research on it, some things will surprise you.

My 2 cents worth from my experience, I hope you feel better & find what works for you soon. Best wishes for your health & garden.

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