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Thanks for this post and some very honest and sensible advice. You are probably like me and feed the birds regularly, but I am no expert either, but I do know what they like and don't like. I really don't like any type of ground feeder as they do attract rats and mice, so I avoid them. The bitterly cold weather in Ireland at the moment is a real pain. That said, it doesn't take long to get to my various feeders and break up the ice. I use a couple of different feeders, a lard bird feeder and a bird feeder pole. They both work well and attract different species. I also use sunflower seeds and peanuts and they seem to like them a lot.

I am going to buy a solar feeder as the reviews look very good on them and they are an attractive ornament to the garden.


We use a heated bird bath because the water freezes here. It's fun to watch the birds bathe in their bath as the steam rises (though the water is quite cold, it is still warmer than the air temperature.)

I have three feeders, but I think I'll move them around the yard today. I didn't know birds were territorial, it explains why there are flocks in the trees of other birds but only the finches (about a dozen or two of them) make it to the feeder in front of our window. Thanks for the tips!

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