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I never understood why people salted watermelon. Never. I am married to a person that salts everything and it drives me nuts. Wanna add tobasco? Cayenne? Go for it. But put down the salt shaker.

I prefer my veggies as close to raw and unaltered as possible. Butter/salt/pepper is just a distraction.

Be nice about marshmallows! The big ones are a fantastic treat at only 25 calories. LOVE marshmallows. LOVE LOVE LOVE marshmallows. Forget the Hershey bar and graham crackers, just give me a marshmallow.

White bread is boring and I've raised my kids to explore with their food. They're always wanting to be the first to try a new wheat/grain bread I bring home.

I grew up on thousand island and ranch dressings. Totally prefer roquefort (rock on Uncle Gary!) as a grownup but am adjusting to eating salads totally plain and finding them delicious and free of several hundred calories.

I love your health posts!

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