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And...Grandma Bea made the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches ever. Seriously.


Grandma Bea sounds like an inspiring cook. I tried to feel appalled at the items you listed as evidence of her rich and flavorful indulgences,but I just felt deprived.

I kind of do the Grandma Bea thing crossed with your Mom's way of doing things. It's hard not to show love through food and it's hard to go from having little to nothing and not want to store up for a rainy day. --Especially when you've definitely been through both. I see wisdom in it.

I also feel secure walking into my pantry or food storage and finding food. It gives me the same kind of peace that looking at a banking account and seeing so much cushion. (Those were the days!)


You know her sister Molly was a wonderful cook too. She made chocolate chip cookies the best I have ever tasted. So maybe Big Mama just taught them both to cook so good? Bea and my mother were really good friends even wrote each other after she moved to CA. My mother was a really good cook and she was a pinch of that and a little of this when you wanted her recipe.

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