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I hope I fall in the "good salesman category." Jocelyn has proudly--since her 5th birthday-been making her bed "by myself" every morning and even bemoans it when she forgets. Each thing I ask her to do is "no problem." She has begun helping unload the dishes, she regularly sets the table, she brings her dirty clothes downstairs and then brings her clean clothes back up in her basket--and has started putting it away!!---she loses enthusiasm for cleaning up toys unless someone helps her do it but she's really good at getting snacks for herself or her brother.

Tyler's chores? Okay, he has his good days and his bad days, but mostly good: potty boxes, cat food and water changing, making beds, bringing dirty clothes down and clean clothes up, dusting weekly, emptying garbage cans, unloading the dishwasher, helping with toys where ever they are strewn, clearing the table after meals and even finding certain things at the grocery store that match the coupons (on the same aisle that we're on.)

Summertime finds more chores: weeding, hauling prunings, cleaning up yard toys, harvesting veggies.

My kids understand that we clean for two main reasons:

1. Taking care of our things make them last longer. For example: we still have almost every single toy we've ever purchased so Noah plays with the same toys Tyler did as a toddler.
2. It takes everybody's help to get the jobs done so we can do fun stuff. In addition to going to school and learning (their #1 job), work at home is also part of what it takes to be a member of the family. Job's done? Playtime!!!!

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