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I have no idea how to save more money for your schools and I applaud your efforts to teach children from your own teacher's salary. It's not right and it's not fair.

I'm sure the only way we can pledge money is because our country is going further and further into debt. I can relate on a small level. So many times Trent and I were the ones donating big time to anything out there and when there was a need people called us. But we're at the point (I think like the U.S.) where we'd have to borrow to help somebody else, much less ourselves. And right now, it's gonna have to be help ourselves and let someone else have the blessings from giving to others.

I have to also mention as I read about all of these huge stimulus checks going out around the country to create jobs for some almost ridiculous projects --that money should have gone to schools.

Good luck and God bless teachers!

Marilyn Crabtree

Sounds to me like you have put in a tremendous amount of money so you can teach and receive a salary! It looks like college students today preparing to teach need to know they will have to provide their own teaching materials and that's just not right!


AMEN MOM - from one teacher to another - AMEN


Feel your pain. When my children were little, and that was when local and state budgets were not nearly so stressed, parents were already asked to provide supplies. Your request for ideas sparked my curiosity about how my mother taught first grade at a poor rural school district during WWII. She certainly did not have supplies we have today. I am going to find out. Thanks for sharing. Few people realize what teachers invest.

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